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How to remove and replace a gas valve?
How to remove and replace a gas valve?

Water Heater Gas Control Valve, Brushed Brass Shower Set, Ppr Pipes and Fittings

Do you want to remove or replace the Water Heater Gas Control Valve? We advise you to consult an expert. No matter if you are looking for Brushed Brass Shower Set, or Ppr Pipes and Fittings, you should contact the professional.

Only use factory-authorized replacement parts when replacing a water heater gas valve. Be very careful if you are working on the gas valve - do not use a pipe wrench when gripping it, and do not apply excessive force, as this can damage the element. During the removal and replacement of the water heater, you will need to disconnect the gas piping and electrical wiring. You can normally find them beside the water heater.

  1. On the control valve, turn the thermostat to its lowest setting.
  2. Turn Off the electrical power.
  3. Turn Off the control knob.
  4. Drain the water heater.
  5. Disconnect the thermocouple
  6. Disconnect the ground joint union and other connections from the control valve.
  7. Remove the gas valve assembly.

The water heater gas valve replacement should be done by matching the part with another having similar characteristics and proceeding in reverse. In addition, all connections should be sealed with Teflon tape or compound.

Apply a soap-water solution to the gas valve to check for leaks.

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