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What are Food Grade Hoses and their Properties?
What are Food Grade Hoses and their Properties?

Food grade hoses are available at www.lontedltd.com and can be used for a variety of purposes. But what is a food-grade hose?

What Is a Food Grade Hose?

Hoses made of Food grade water hose polymer or tubes are used in the transportation of food products, including seeds, granules, beer, and water. These hoses help prevent contamination of products during the transport process.

Properties of Food Grade Hoses

Food grade hoses may vary in design, depending on the application. However, most of these hoses and tubes have the following features:

  • Flexibility – For food-grade tubing, flexibility is a requirement. Hoses and tubes need to be flexible and kink-resistant to be used for most applications. A food-grade flexible hose provides durability and easy handling.
  • Abrasion resistance – Hoses that are used for conveying solids need to be resistant to abrasions to prevent cracking and leaks. Our food-grade hoses that are more heavy-duty often include an internal stainless steel helix to prevent crushing and kinking.
  • Odor resistance – The hose or tubing should not transmit any smells or tastes when the hose or tubing is being used to transfer food or drink. Food-grade PVC hose made from an odor-resistant material is far better than a standard PVC hose.

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