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Buying Sewer Check Valves? Points To Know Before You Decide

2022-09-12 412


4 inch sewer check valve, 4 inch ball valve

Check valves are designed to regulate the flow of liquid materials. In general, they are installed at junction points inside the pipelines. You can check with quality valves by FOSHAN LONTED TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

As all valves might look similar, if you are a non-technical person, it is important to know important features. Before you select 4 inch sewer check valve you need to check these features.


All vales are not the same. You cannot install all types of vales in the sewer line. You may have to check with a specific type of vale, designed for that purpose. You cannot use a simple valve instead of a 4 inch ball valve.

Flow rate

Water will flow at a faster velocity as compared to sewer waste. When selecting a quality 4 inch ball valve you cannot overlook this factor.

Always check with the gallon of waste that will be transported through the valve.

Inlet pressure

A quality 4 inch sewer check valve will have to withstand specific pressure. This has to be calculated as well in advance.

If you install the wrong valve, it will simply stop functioning after some time. Do not make this mistake. You may also have to focus on the back pressure. This can be generated and so it cannot be overlooked. The depth or height at which the valve will be installed also makes a difference.